Vacation Care

We firmly believe that children work best during the school terms, when they have the opportunity to recharge and just be kids during the school holidays.

Our Vacation Care programs have a variety of daily activities, accommodating the wide range of children’s interests. We have found that children are happiest when they get to choose their specific activities, hence, we encourage children to work together to select the specific cooking, art, science and STEM lessons for each day.  

Children are split into different groups for varying activities. We are more than happy to keep friends together.

Our enrolment system is flexible – You can join for as few, or for as many sessions as you want.

2022 Vacation Care Dates

Summer Holidays 

Not Available for April 2022

Hours of Care

7AM to 6PM every weekday

Suitable Ages

5 through to 12


Vacation Care Standard hours: 9 am - 4 pm

$64 / day

+ Add-on Robotics $20/Session
+ Add-on Mock Test $20/Test

Vacation Care Extended hours: 7 am - 6 pm

$85 / day

+ Add-on Robotics $20/Session
+ Add-on Mock Test $20/Test

What to Bring:

What's included:

Cooking & Baking

Children participate in a range of cooking experiences varied to accommodate for dietary preferences and food allergies. The best part? Children get to eat their creations and don’t worry, we send some home for you to enjoy too. Children learn cooking concepts and how to safely use kitchen equipment, whilst practicing good hygiene. Some options include: Pizza (from scratch), cupcakes, bread, cookies etc.

STEM lessons and Science Experiments

We have a range of STEM project-based lessons, including topics such as ‘balloon-powered cars’, ‘waterproof houses’, ‘textured fireworks’ and much more. Lessons incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths concepts, whilst fostering problem-solving skills, creativity and teamwork. We also have a huge number of science experiments which the ‘little scientist’ inside your child is sure to love!

Arts & Craft

A diverse range of mediums and techniques are available for exploration, to enhance self-expression and artistic capabilities. Children can choose to participate in open-ended craft experiences or can complete different art projects with our support. Some art/craft experiences: bubble painting, clay sculpture, puppet making, learning to paint shadow.. the list goes on!

Group Play & Activities

A great way to keep students physically active, make new friends and have fun at the same time. We play a range of games such as races, obstacle courses, and ball games which teach rules, teamwork and sportsmanship. Other interactive activities include: H.O.T School Olympics (bowling, basketball and putt-putt competitions), board games, hide and seek, tunnel ball and much more!

Outdoor Fun

When the weather permits and with ample supervision, children love heading to our local park for some outdoor fun. We enjoy outdoor group games (egg and spoon races, bullrush, soccer and more) and fun on the age-appropriate equipment. Kilpack park is fully enclosed and children are closely supervised, as they enjoy getting active in the great outdoors. We provide sunscreen to children before leaving the school.

MOVIE time

After so many activities, children need some quiet time throughout the day. Children help to choose the movie (only G-rated movies from Netflix Kids) that will be played on the projector screen, which turns the classroom into a movie theatre. To minimise the amount of ‘screen time’ students are exposed to, only part of the movie is watched during lunch, with the rest being enjoyed in the late afternoon.


If your child hasn’t yet explored the exciting world of Robotics, they are sure to love these sessions! Regardless of your child’s previous experience or level of knowledge, we have classes to suit all levels of ability.

Robotics: Microbit, Lego, MRT
Skills: Computational & creative thinking – Problem-solving – Engineering – Science – Technology – Maths – Teamwork

Our Robotics specialist will provide variation in the projects explored in each session, across every vacation care day, meaning your child will learn something new about Robotics every day!

Please note that Robotics lessons are available at additional costs (Creative Kids Voucher available). Please refer to our Price List for more details.

private tuition

If you want to balance work and play for your child during school holidays, we offer limited private tuition sessions during school holidays to concentrate on specific areas of your child’s needs.  These sessions operate on weekdays, in the late afternoon.