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At Higher Order Thinking (H.O.T) School, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive, nurturing and engaging environment, where our students love to learn. Our focus is on facilitating meaningful classroom learning which supports students to reach their full potential.

Why Choose H.O.T School?

Teaching Excellence

Our experienced tutors are passionate about supporting each of our students in a genuine and caring manner

Thinking Skills

Students are guided to develop the thinking skills required for independent success, rather than rote-learning approaches

Growth Mindsets

We develop growth-mindsets, enabling students to develop positive attitudes towards learning, perseverance and goal-setting

Grouped By Ability

We all have different strengths in life. Students are grouped by ability, not age, using mid-term assessments to evaluate progress

Small Classes

Classes hold a maximum of eight students, promoting increased focus on each student

Online Support

Free access to a self-serve online learning portal, providing additional "at home" support for concepts learnt during class (Years 2-6)

Our Programs


Prepares students for their formal schooling years, promoting confidence in their capabilities


Provides young students with strong learning foundations for continued success throughout their primary years

Primary School

Year 1 – Year 6

Classes for Primary students, across English, Writing and Maths

High School

Year 7 - Year 10

Classes for High School students, across English, Writing and Maths

Opportunity Class

Year 3 & 4

Challenges and extends students' ability in preparation for the Opportunity Class placement test

Selective / Scholarship

Year 5 & 6

Challenges and extends students' ability in preparation for Selective Schools Placement and ACER Scholarship tests

Private Tuition

All Ages

Personalised tuition, concentrating on homework and exam preparation needs

School Holiday Programs

Fun-filled School Holiday Programs

Hear from our students
and their families

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